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Leaders: it's time to take your organization to the next level and bring your grandest visions to life. Sometimes even a top-performing team needs a power-up to launch a revolutionary project, steer through a tricky transition, or pioneer a new educational adventure. Our team is poised to take action, turning your aspirations into tangible achievements.

Expand your Capacity to Maximize your Influence

Whether your goal is to scale best practices across your organization, enhance community satisfaction, or pioneer innovative engagement methods, we're here to empower your journey. Our services encompass tailored professional development, cohort facilitation and community engagement, firmly grounded in qualitative insights, that will leave a lasting mark on your community.

From reaching key stakeholders to reinvigorating community trust and investing in your team’s growth to making the most of your resources, we are here to help you achieve your goals and foster strong connections along the way. Our capacity building services include:

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Imagine if you could...

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Expand your capacity instantly without expanding your team (or your budget).

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Build resilient programs that you can sustain long term with the tools, resources, and trainings your team needs to carry our work into its next phase.

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Focus your time and resources on big-picture strategy.

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Deliver more precise, effective programs based on authentic, tangible insights—not outdated, flat assumptions— into the needs and wants of the people you want to serve.

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Approach new initiatives through an equity lens.

You can do All these things.

You Just Need Support Getting Started.

Training Offerings

We work alongside you every step of the way so you don’t have to fully commit staff or resources until you’re ready to take the reins.


Long-Range Family Engagement Planning

Need to determine innovative engagement practices for your school district in order to improve family satisfaction or scale best practices? We partner with district leaders and their teams to create and execute tailored community engagement plans produce long-range, measurable goals with explicit owners, timeframes and resources.

School Leaders and their teams will get:

  • Detailed project plan and manager

  • Learning agenda with key evaluation questions

  • Engagement instruments, such as surveys and focus group and interview guides

  • Targeted outreach plan and collateral tailored to identified stakeholder groups

  • Virtual and in-person community engagement facilitation

  • A library of reporting materials to communicate with internal and external stakeholders


Vision Week Family Engagement Sprints

If your organization is navigating school redesign, seeking community buy-in, or rebuilding trust, we can help you gather the vital insights you need, quickly. Our sprints encompass survey design and dissemination, focus group facilitation, and expert communication strategies that culminate in a report to empower you to make informed, impactful decisions that resonate with your community's needs.

Community and School Leaders will get:

  • Engagement instruments, such as surveys and focus group and interview guides

  • Targeted outreach plan and collateral tailored to identified stakeholder groups

  • Net Promoter Analysis

  • In-person community engagement facilitation (up to three sessions across one day)

  • Raw data from all community engagement

  • Final report highlighting key themes from engagement, as well as recommendations for the future

2-4 Hour Workshops

Family Engagement Professional Development

Designed for family engagement staff, school leaders and teachers, we facilitate professional development sessions that empower teams. While sessions are modified for your context, sample topics include: Maximizing Parent Engagement, Strengthening Connections through Empathy Building, Connecting the Dots: How Attendance Relates to Academic Progress, and Collaborate for Academic Advancement.

School Leaders, Family Engagement Staff, and Teachers will:

  • Conduct community engagements audits

  • Engage with tools and resources to strengthen community engagement efforts

  • Develop campus-based engagement plans

  • Receive strategies for coaching other staff members on effective engagement strategies

  • Ideate collaboratively with peers in their network

  • Gain the knowledge to generate greater trust with their students and families

Six-Part Cohort Series

Community Engagement Staff Cohorts

Unlock the potential of your school team with our tailored sessions. We're here to equip educators with the essential tools and strategies for community engagement success. From building trustful school environments to enhancing family engagement efforts across a range of campus roles, we've got you covered.

Crafted for School Teams, session topics include:

  • Building Parent Trust: Fostering a school environment built on trust

  • Reaching Everyone: Creative outreach strategies to increase family engagement 

  • Building a Network: Keys to successful collaboration and resource sharing

  • Partnering for Impact: Strengthening alignment with school community partners

  • Investing in the Team: Building community engagement capacity across roles

  • Strengthening Resources: Creating meaningful experiences on minimal budgets

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Systems-Level Decision-Makers
Unique Communities Served
“I was impressed with CoSpero since the day I read their proposal.”
Their experience, professionalism and work ethic far exceeded my expectations. I learned a lot from them and our organization is in a better place as a result of our partnership.
Share Our Strength

Briana Webster Campbell

Managing Director, Center for Best Practices

Share Our Strength

"The Heal Play Learn program would not exist without our partnership with CoSpero."
The CoSpero team provides full-service program design, implementation, and evaluation. They are highly strategic, incredibly nimble, and extremely responsive. They build and steward strong relationships with all stakeholders and create top notch teams who meet and exceed all expectations. Their commitment to excellence for every aspect of the program has made a significant difference for thousands of students.
United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

Susan Hoff

Chief Strategy & Impact Officer

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

"The CoSpero Team is a joy to work with on projects."
Our team enjoyed collaborating with CoSpero. The interviews completed and thought given to creating an infrastructure for Work-Based Learning will positively impact Districts and, most importantly, help students to gain invaluable work experiences.
Educate Texas / Communities Foundation of Texas

Monica Jones

Deputy Director, Programs

Educate Texas / Communities Foundation of Texas

“As a small company with no marketing and communications experience, working with Cospero was a big eye opener for me, and I learned so much.”
I feel much more confident in my ability to deliver on a marketing campaign moving forward. Most importantly, the CoSpero team was incredibly warm, generous, and thoughtful to work with on a very difficult subject. Couldn't recommend more! Thank you!
Buy-In Community Planning

Kelly Main

Executive Director

Buy-In Community Planning

“CoSpero has done an excellent job with community engagement, and this is the model for how community engagement should be done.”
I’ve hosted probably four of these [community] meetings…I want to say CoSpero has done an excellent job with community engagement and this is the model for how community engagement should be done, whether in future projects they are selected as a vendor, or whether they apply or not, we should take this model and this should be the expectation for community engagement in the city.
City of Dallas

Casey Thomas II

Dallas City Council Member (Former)

City of Dallas

“Cospero's partnership helped us to move our organization to the next level of development.”
Cospero helped us better focus and deepen our impact on our community and identify barriers to growth. They are smart, hard-working and dedicated professionals. I am thankful for our work together this past year.
Teach Western Mass

Pema Latshang

Executive Director

Teach Western Mass

“The CoSpero team transformed Manor ISD's complicated and disjointed communications efforts into a powerful strategy. ”
Our district now has the marketing tools to build upon so we can better engage with our students and families. Thank you for being champions of our work!
Manor Independent School District

Dr. Tajah Gross

Chief Equitable Innovation Officer

Manor Independent School District

"The work CoSpero did was able to lift up both the pain points and bright spots of giving birth, and use solutions designed by mothers themselves to make impact."
Our experience with CoSpero helped to highlight the maternal health disparities happening in our community by showcasing the stories of women and families themselves.
Child Poverty Action Lab (CPAL)

Kate McCollum

Senior Director

Child Poverty Action Lab (CPAL)

“CoSpero helped us by designing a stakeholder centered feedback loop so we could focus on the big vision and execute a strategy based on authentic and real community need.”
Due to the research and recommendations of CoSpero, we can help equip and elevate the voice of a group of parents to create change for their children.
Leadership ISD

Patricia Arvanitis

CEO (former)

Leadership ISD

“During the launch of a new project they were integral in helping me find a clear vision for said project.”
I had a great experience with the CoSpero team. Very easy team to work with, extremely professional, but also friendly and down to earth. I am so grateful that I got to partner with such an awesome organization.
United Way Quad Cities

Kayla Babers

African American Leadership Society Manager (former)

United Way Quad Cities

“At the core, they truly care about the people, and that is why it was such a joy to work with them.”
Working with CoSpero Consulting helped me understand the power of community partnerships and the importance of community voice--they are detailed in their work and helped us see our project from multiple perspectives.
United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

Cathy Kang

Director, Education and Career Success

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

“CoSpero's partnership has been pivotal in helping us understand the landscape of food insecurity on the campuses of rural HBCUs and their surrounding communities.”
The resources they produced will help provide a lens of clarity that will support the development and implementation of our rural strategy.
Share Our Strength

Valeria Hakins

Senior Manager, Center for Best Practices

Share Our Strength

“Through our collaboration we were able to not only fulfill our goals, but through the process our thinking was constructively challenged and the results were stronger for it.”
Working with CoSpero was a valuable experience. CoSpero's partnership has strengthened our Learning Pathways initiative, which will prove beneficial to each of our stakeholders - youth, OST partners, corporate partners, etc. - also engaged in this effort.
Big Thought

Greg MacPherson

Chief Institute Officer

Big Thought

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Pricing plan

Long-Range Family Engagement Planning
Less than 2,500 students enrolled
$ 25K
2,500 - 9,999 students enrolled
$ 35K
10,000+ students enrolled
$ 45K
Vision Week Family Engagement Sprint
1-5 Campuses
$ 15K
6-15 Campuses
$ 25K
16-25 Campuses
$ 35K
Family Engagement Professional Development
Up to 20 attendees
$ 6.5K
21-39 attendees
$ 8.5K
40+ attendees
$ 15K
Community Engagement Staff Cohort Facilitation
$2K per participant
(Up to 20 participants)

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