Get ideas out of your head and into the lives of those you serve.

As a social sector leader, it can be tough to juggle everything on your plate and find a way to launch new initiatives. That's where we come in! Our diverse team of skilled practitioners can handle the heavy lifting to bring your dreams to life. From concept to execution, we'll work hand-in-hand with your team and stakeholders, rapidly iterating along the way to ensure your goals are met. And when the time comes, we'll provide implementation manuals and training guides to ensure your team can take over with ease.

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Project Pillars


Detailed attention to every facet of stakeholder interaction.



Collaboration that strengthens outcomes.



Designing with the long-term end in mind.

Program Implementation

How Can We Partner?

Pilot Program Development

Innovate your work through pilots, scale success. Together, we’ll try out new ideas and gather evidence to make successful projects even bigger.

Training & Capacity-Building Initiatives

Empower your team for community engagement. We're here to help your team excel by creating customized training programs that equip your staff with the mindsets, skills, and knowledge to serve your community better.

Collaborative Project Management

Handover the nitty-gritty when it comes to collaborative projects. Our team is experienced at managing cross-functional teams and community collaborations to ensure seamless implementation of projects and maximize shared impact.

Coalition Management

Drive towards collective success by leveraging unbiased facilitators. Through coalition management, we can help you navigate varying perspectives, priorities, and interests to drive diverse groups of organizations to accomplish collective goals.

CSR & Philanthropy Portfolio Design

Build the most impactful giving portfolios. We can support you to develop outcomes-driven investment portfolios aligned with CSR and foundation goals that leave a positive impact on society.

Case Studies

Nearly 3,000 children across Southern Dallas County schools now have access to programming that uplifts their social and emotional well-being.

Reconnecting Students After Pandemic Fallout

Mothers residing in and near ZIP code 76104 now have an alternative, low-cost, and effective option for pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care.

Tackling Inequitable Maternal Disparities

"The Heal Play Learn program would not exist without our partnership with CoSpero."
The CoSpero team provides full-service program design, implementation, and evaluation. They are highly strategic, incredibly nimble, and extremely responsive. They build and steward strong relationships with all stakeholders and create top notch teams who meet and exceed all expectations. Their commitment to excellence for every aspect of the program has made a significant difference for thousands of students.
United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

Susan Hoff

Chief Strategy & Impact Officer

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

“During the launch of a new project they were integral in helping me find a clear vision for said project.”
I had a great experience with the CoSpero team. Very easy team to work with, extremely professional, but also friendly and down to earth. I am so grateful that I got to partner with such an awesome organization.
United Way Quad Cities

Kayla Babers

African American Leadership Society Manager (former)

United Way Quad Cities

“At the core, they truly care about the people, and that is why it was such a joy to work with them.”
Working with CoSpero Consulting helped me understand the power of community partnerships and the importance of community voice--they are detailed in their work and helped us see our project from multiple perspectives.
United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

Cathy Kang

Director, Education and Career Success

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

“Through our collaboration we were able to not only fulfill our goals, but through the process our thinking was constructively challenged and the results were stronger for it.”
Working with CoSpero was a valuable experience. CoSpero's partnership has strengthened our Learning Pathways initiative, which will prove beneficial to each of our stakeholders - youth, OST partners, corporate partners, etc. - also engaged in this effort.
Big Thought

Greg MacPherson

Chief Institute Officer

Big Thought

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Additional Questions

We know it's a big investment to work with a consulting firm. We want you to have all the information you need to feel great about your decision.

How do you ensure our program implementation aligns with community insights?

Our implementation strategies are informed by deep listening and data-backed community insights, ensuring programs are tailored to address real community needs.

Can you assist in capacity building for our team during implementation?

Yes, we offer customized capacity-building initiatives to equip your staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully execute programs.

How long does a typical consulting engagement with CoSpero Consulting last?

The duration of each engagement varies depending on the scope and complexity of the project. We tailor our services to meet your organization's specific needs and timelines.

Can you help us develop a monitoring and evaluation plan for our new initiatives?

Absolutely! We create formal and informal result frameworks to measure program progress and outcomes, helping you learn from the implementation and drive continuous improvement.

How do you ensure a seamless implementation process?

Our collaborative project management approach involves cross-functional teamwork and constant communication to ensure a smooth and efficient implementation journey.

How do we know if our organization needs to work with a consulting firm like CoSpero Consulting?

If your organization is facing complex social challenges, seeking to maximize impact with limited resources, and could benefit from community-driven insights and expert guidance, engaging a consulting firm can be highly valuable.

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