Connecting Domestic Climate Migrants to Relocation Resources

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Buy-In is now equipped to drive outreach efforts to tackle the invisible demand for relocation assistance through an intentionally crafted communications strategy.

Buy-In is now equipped to drive outreach efforts to tackle the invisible demand for relocation assistance through an intentionally crafted communications strategy.
Flood-Impacted Households Targeted
Refreshed Organizational Messaging Pillars
Month Phased Implementation Plan
Project Challenge & Opportunity

Connecting Domestic Climate Migrants to Relocation Resources

More than 1.7 million people in the United States were displaced from their homes by disasters in 2020. By 2045, more than 311,000 properties, home to more than half a million people, could be affected by
chronic, disruptive flooding. Buyouts are one tool that local governments can use to permanently eliminate flood risk by providing households financial compensation for their property, enabling them to relocate somewhere safer and leaving their parcel as deed-restricted open space in perpetuity. However, in addition to a variety of administrative challenges, buyouts suffer from major communications challenges at the local, state, and national level about the potential benefits holistic and equitable buyout programs can provide to communities facing growing environmental threats. With a focus on providing holistic relocation assistance through partnerships with community-based organizations and government agencies, Buy-In Community Planning is committed to changing this current reality. The early start-up sought the support of CoSpero Consulting to build out an Outreach and Communication Strategy for their flagship One Million Moves initiative in order to reach one million flood-affected households who may seek relocation assistance.

Project approach & Process

Visibilizing the Invisible Demand for Relocation Assistance

After analyzing existing Buy-In data on individuals living in flood zones, CoSpero developed three distinct personas for Buy-In’s One Million Moves initiative. CoSpero focused outreach and communication plan development to support the organization in expanding reach, building online trust, and increasing buyout sign ups for this historically difficult-to-reach target audience. In addition, CoSpero engaged with nonprofit staff to explore authentic storytelling to enhance its brand with potential voluntary relocation assistance users, funders, partnering local government agencies and private firms.

Project results & deliverables

Changing the Buyout Narrative

CoSpero delivered a comprehensive outreach and communications strategy to connect the highest need target audiences with Buy-In’s services by developing recommendations for preferred digital outreach channels, refreshed organizational messaging, creating a library of new social media graphics and content, and building an implementation strategy hosted on an internal microsite. In addition to supporting one million flood-affected households, the strategy and resources will help Buy-In communicate their unique value proposition to local governments and private firms and solicit new business development strategies.

Connecting Domestic Climate Migrants to Relocation Resources
“As a small company with no marketing and communications experience, working with Cospero was a big eye opener for me, and I learned so much.”
I feel much more confident in my ability to deliver on a marketing campaign moving forward. Most importantly, the CoSpero team was incredibly warm, generous, and thoughtful to work with on a very difficult subject. Couldn't recommend more! Thank you!
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