Tackling Inequitable Maternal Disparities

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Mothers residing in and near ZIP code 76104 now have an alternative, low-cost, and effective option for pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care.

Mothers residing in and near ZIP code 76104 now have an alternative, low-cost, and effective option for pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care.
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Tackling Inequitable Maternal Disparities

Maternal mortality rates in Tarrant County are significantly higher than the national averages. The county’s public health area has the second-highest maternal mortality rate among Black women in Texas, and those living in ZIP code 76104 have the lowest life expectancy and worst health disparities in the state. To address this immense disparity, UWTC partnered with Trust Her (an initiative of Child Poverty Action Lab focused on optimizing systems along a woman’s entire healthcare journey) to ensure that the most at-risk moms are seen and heard through a low-cost, affordable Tarrant County Community Based Doula initiative.

Project approach & Process

Designing with Participants at the Forefront

CoSpero was selected to support the development of the Doula initiative. The initial development stages began with listening sessions with local mothers, support persons, and perinatal health workers. In these engagements, participants surfaced common challenges faced during a mother’s perinatal journey. Using the insights from these listening sessions, CoSpero developed stakeholder-specific journey maps. We leveraged these findings to then facilitate various design team sessions with the community. Together, design team participants developed essential elements they wanted to see reflected in the Community Doula Program.

Project results & deliverables

Launching a Community Doula Program for Tarrant County Families

UWTC and Trust Her received a report with local families and health workers’ insights that informed program pillar recommendations for the Community Doula Program. Over the course of 2023 and 2024, the program will leverage these recommendations in order to launch and train 120 community-based women and 30 hospital staff to be doulas. We are eager to see these doulas support expectant mothers to navigate pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum – and ultimately offer life enhancing and life saving services for Tarrant County families.

Tackling Inequitable Maternal Disparities
"The work CoSpero did was able to lift up both the pain points and bright spots of giving birth, and use solutions designed by mothers themselves to make impact."
Our experience with CoSpero helped to highlight the maternal health disparities happening in our community by showcasing the stories of women and families themselves.
Child Poverty Action Lab (CPAL)

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Child Poverty Action Lab (CPAL)

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